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Wired Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Colorful Lighting

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Wired Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Colorful Lighting

Product Information

This wired 68-key mechanical keyboard with a separate key and line, a real mechanical shaft body (currently Green shaft and red shaft are provided), a two-color injection molding key cap, that never fades, and has 10 lighting modes that can be switched.


• 10Kinds of Colorful Lighting: The keyboard features 10 different colors of lighting, allowing you to customize your typing experience and add some personality to your setup.

• Mechanical Operation Style: The mechanical operation style of this keyboard ensures a responsive and accurate typing experience, making it perfect for both gaming and office use.

• USB Interface Type: With a USB interface type, this keyboard is easy to connect to your computer or tablet, ensuring a seamless typing experience.

• 68 Keys Standard: This keyboard features 68 keys, providing a full range of functionality for all your typing needs.


1: What kind of keyboard is this?

This is a real mechanical keyboard with 68 keys, including the red axis and green axis.

2. What is the difference between the red axis and the green axis?

(1)Red axis

rigger Stroke:1.5mm土0.6; Operational type: Straight up

and down; Suitable for people: professional gamer

(2)Green axis

rigger Stroke:2mm土0.6; Operational type: the sound of the paragraph is too loud and the mechanical sense is strong; Suitable for people: game Office Compatibility

3. How to control the light of the keyboard?

Press the light button on the keyboard to switch on and off the backlight;

Press the FN+WINDOWS key to lock/unlock the WINDOWS key;

Press FN+"↑/↓" for 5-level brightness adjustment, and FN+"←/→" for 5-level speed


Press FN+| to enter 'Colorful Highlights'

Press again to enter 'one-click'

Press again to enter 'No trace on snow'

Press again to enter 'Key Ripple'

Press again to enter the 'Running Horse Light Effect'

Press again to enter 'Rotating Storm'

Press again to enter 'Snake Run'

Press again to enter 'Dripping Ripples'

Press again to enter 'Flowing Light and Colorful'

Press again to enter 'Starry Dots'

FN+W=W/A/S/D and direction keys are interchangeable

FN+CTRL_ L ( -.=Convert to F1. F2. F3. F4. F5. F6. F7

F8.f9.f10.f11.f12) Fn + ESC = ~fn + 1 = f1, FN + 2 = f2, FN + 3 = F3,FN + 4 = f4,

FN + 5 = F5,FN + 6 = f6, FN + 7 = F7,FN + 8 = F8,FN + 9 = F9,FN + 0 = F10,FN +-= F11,

FN ++ = F12


4. What's in the box?

1x Keyboard

1x manual

5. What should I do if I find that the key cap has fallen off after opening the package?

The keycap of the keyboard can be disassembled. During the transportation of the keyboard, the keycap may fall off due to Bumps. Find the falling keycap in the inner package and install it in the corresponding position. Generally, it can be used normally.

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